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Kalsec is a pioneer in both the extraction of peppers and the use of gas chromatography for the analysis of spice extracts. Kalsec got its start in the development of chili pepper extraction products when Paul Todd Sr. purchased ten railcar loads of Carolina Long Chiles below market price. Paul Todd Jr. worked with Hungarian flavor chemist, Dr. Maria Mauritz to extract the heat from the peppers and created their first capsicum extracts.

As consumer trends evolve, and the desire for more specialized heat and peppers grow, Kalsec maintains its innovative research and development efforts to provide creative solutions to our customers’ challenges.




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Kalsec capsicum is precisely standardized for pungency, color and heat value.

All chili peppers that Kalsec grows for our capsicum extracts are grown in the United States. Based on your requirement, we can provide you with products ranging from decolorized to high color, and from no heat to extreme heat. We’ll also help you select the right product based on your application and solubility needs. We offer systems compatible with virtually any food or beverage application and flavoring formulation, including oil soluble products for processed meats and oil- and water dispersible capsicum for sauces and dressings.


ClearCap® Capsicum

Distinctive heat, no color.

Kalsec ClearCap Super Soluble Capsicum provides distinctive heat with no color.

This water soluble capsicum is a Kalsec innovation that revolutionized the industry. When developed, ClearCap Capsicum was the only water and brine soluble capsicum extract that provided pungency while remaining virtually colorless and free of chili pepper flavor. ClearCap Capsicum remains the standard, and can be used in salsas, sauces, marinades, condiments and pickling brines.

Are you looking to reach a specific pungency intensity level? This case study describes the process in a salsa application:
Case Study: Heat Delivery in Salsa

Zero Degrees® Pepper Flavors

All of the flavor, none of the heat.

Ancho, chipotle, habenero  and jalapeño peppers all impart consumer-preferred flavors. But what if you want to achieve those flavors without pungency in heat sensitive applications? Our Zero Degrees line delivers all of the flavor and aroma without the heat, and can provide labeling opportunities for provenance.

HeatSync® Systems

Delivering precise heat and sensory attributes.

Heat is a complex sensation, and HeatSync Systems help you manage it by controlling various factors to achieve your unique specification. From timing and intensity, to pungency perception and location, our unique combinations of ingredients and carriers are crafted to deliver heat and sensory attributes targeted for a specific experience for your customer—no matter how complex.

Fusionary® Heat

Providing a culinary dimension to heat expression.

Powered by Kalsec’s unique culinary expertise, Fusionary Heat allows you to take advantage of current and emerging flavor trends. We pair sweet or tangy flavor attributes to provide truly unique flavor profiles that add an incomparable depth to heat expression.

Specialty Peppers

Expeller pressed peppers with defined provenance.

Extracted in the U.S. using proprietary expeller-press technology, these label-friendly flavors, including ancho, ghost, habanero and serrano, are ideal for a full range of applications. Specialty peppers enable product developers to meet consumer preferences for more complex and specific sources of pungency in their food with the option to indicate the pepper type on their label.


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