Heat Management

Creating just the right amount of heat in a food product can be a difficult and delicate process. Some products require no heat, some just a subtle amount, and some need to sizzle.

Our analytical and sensory research teams have worked for years to perfect the process of managing the amount and delivery of heat by isolating specific components from a wide variety of herbs, spices and vegetables. Kalsec® is the primary extractor for many of these pungent spices, which gives us maximum control over critical parameters: pungency, profile, flavor and aroma, color, and solubility.

CapsicumHeatSync® Heat SystemsFusionary® HeatSpecialty Peppers


As a manufacturer of pesticide-compliant and unadulterated material that is precisely standardized for pungency, Kalsec® has developed a line of capsicum products suitable for many applications:


  • Oleoresin – Ideal for applications such as breading where a bright orange hue is desirable.
  • Aquaresin® Water-dispersible – Ideal for emulsified applications where oil- and water- dispersible heat has value.
  • Decolorized – Precisely standardized pungency that delivers heat without color at typical dosage rates.
  • ClearCap® Super Soluble – Ideal for applications such as sauces and pickling brines where distinctive heat and water solubility are important.
  • Chili and Red Pepper – A low pungency extract with standardized high color.
  • Specialty Peppers — Extracts that deliver culinary quality flavor with low heat.


HeatSync® Heat Systems

Kalsec® HeatSync® Systems are unique combinations of pungent ingredients that deliver heat and sensory attributes targeted for a specific time and palate location. Each component adds a different element to how the heat is expressed. HeatSync® Systems allow delivery of the ideal heat experience for your application.


Kalsec® HeatSync® Systems provide precise control over the following factors:

  • Pungency Intensity
  • Timing of Pungency
  • Location on Tongue
  • Pungent Perception (Sensation)

Fusionary® Heat

Our proprietary process combines heat (pungency) with unexpected spice pairings to create a culinary dimension to heat expression. Fusionary® Heat pairs our expertise in heat management with savory, sour, sweet or tangy flavor attributes to give product developers exciting flavor options.


Fusionary® Heat and unique characteristics:

  • Cardamom Citrus Heat – A fragrant blend of floral notes and fresh citrus combined with an unexpected heat.
  • Citrus Spice – An intense synergy of invigorating citrus and lively heat.
  • Heat Shiver – Pulsating heat followed by a refreshing, cooling sensation.
  • Herbal Jalapeno – A natural harmony of herbal notes and jalapeno flavor.
  • Horseradish Citrus – A kick of heat and citrus in a zesty combination.
  • Indulgent Heat – A creamy sophistication with subtle, extended heat.
  • Smooth Lime Heat – A sweet balanced heat with a hint of citrus.
  • Spiced Habanero – A bold integration of fruity, pepper flavors.
  • Spicy Orange – A splash of orange freshness with a peppery heat.
  • Sweet-Roasted Chipotle – A smoked pepper flavor with a suggestion of cocoa.
  • Tangy Sweet Ginger – A unique medley of sweet, floral and spicy.

Specialty Peppers

Consumer demand for hot and spicy foods continues to grow. Consumers are now looking for more complexity and specific sources of pungency, including certain varieties of chili peppers, in their food and beverages. We have created a line of specialty peppers that gives developers the ability to meet the diversity of consumer preferences.


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