Did You Take the Spicy Challenge?

Attendees of Food Ingredients Asia this year had the chance to take part in Kalsec®’s ghost pepper challenge. Those who participated were able to learn more about heat management and flavor profiles while having some fun. If you did not get the chance to attend Fi Asia this year, this post reviews the important spicy food trends at the show.
FIA antioxidant seminar
Kalsec® took some time to walk the floor and noticed a few trends we thought were worthy of review. They are summarized below. We saw a lot of trends happening with spices, both for flavor and functionality.

Kalsec® Lead Scientist, David Johnson, presented a seminar on antioxidants, ‘Natural Solutions to Managing Meat, Poultry & Seafood Shelf Life.’ This was a great opportunity to learn more about antioxidants and shelf life. Have a question about oxidation or shelf life that you would like answered? Contact us and our experts will get back to you.

Trends from Food Ingredients Asia

Hot and Spicy Food Trends

The demand for hot and spicy peppers and pepper flavors was prevalent at Fi Asia this year. This demand included an increase in interest for heat profiles and different chili variants, especially Cayenne and ghost pepper. As experts in heat management, this is a trend that Kalsec® knows well. For the latest consumer research on hot and spicy trends, download the hot and spicy consumer trend report.

Focus on Health and Wellness

Beyond the macro trend for clean label, there is a global rise in health and wellness claims for products. These health claims include the addition of functional ingredients like probiotics for gut health. These product trends have risen to meet consumer’s demand for products that support and enhance a healthy lifestyle.

Demand for Local Flavors

Local flavors from Asia regions dominated at Fi Asia this year. These flavors include Southeast Asian hot and spicy profiles like sriracha, and culinary blends like Tom Yum and Thai curry. This supports the trend of promoting local cuisines and flavors.

On Trend

To read more about our trend predictions from the beginning of 2017, check out our 2017 Trends Report. We look forward to Fi Asia 2018 in Indonesia.

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