From consistent quality sources to industry-wide recalls and global pandemics, food ingredients, like ground cumin, can pose a challenge in product formulation. Yet, cumin is a very popular ingredient in many common dishes and prepared meals despite the threat of supply shortage or recalls. You may remember the cumin recall of 2015, when a number of products containing ground Turkish cumin were recalled for contamination with peanut, an allergen. Now, we consider cumin to be a high risk market resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. How can a company optimize costs and protect their customers from the effects of an ingredient recall or supply shortage?

As a Safe Quality Food Level 2 certified supplier, Kalsec is committed to food safety for our customers and their end consumers. We routinely monitor our entire supply chain of ingredients that contribute to the production of our oleoresins, including for our cumin extract. Additionally, we only source from seed for our cumin extract, preventing chance for contamination. Below, you can learn about some of our past research efforts to verify and maintain the quality of our cumin oleoresins.

Quality Products Across the Supply Chain

Quality products start with quality ingredients. How can you ensure that your ingredients meet consumer expectations? Quality ingredients start with three criteria: consistency, quality control, and supply.

Kalsec benchmarks all of our products to provide consistency to our customers. When using sensory testing to compare Kalsec cumin oleoresin with ground cumin, there were no significant differences. Kalsec scientists conduct ongoing internal tests to compare ground cumin with Kalsec cumin extract in several different applications and for customer projects. This ongoing analysis ensures our customers receive stable and reliable performance every time.

Quality Control
In 2008 and 2015, Kalsec immediately conducted research following cumin recalls. Both instances found that Kalsec oleoresins were not affected by the recall. Kalsec quality control measures are not limited to our cumin extract. Each raw material batch is tested and qualified before it is approved for use.

After the extraction stage, Kalsec products are evaluated to make certain they meet established standards, ensuring you receive consistent, quality ingredients. For example, we developed a unique dual-testing process to assure the purity of our garlic oil supply. You can read more here.

The foundation of our business is rooted in our ability to capture the essence of antioxidants, colors, flavors and hop extracts directly from nature, and to develop ingredients using ethical, safe and environmentally sustainable practices.

Just as we have for the last 60 years, Kalsec relies on farmers and suppliers in many regions of the world to grow and manufacture the raw materials we need for our portfolio of products. We are committed to sourcing all our raw materials in a transparent, sustainable and ethical way. We rely on global sustainability standards – acknowledged by our peers, customers and consumers – to help us build more robust and sustainable sourcing models for our agricultural raw materials: Responsible Sourcing

Ensure Your Brand’s Protection

Food manufacturers rely on their ingredient suppliers to uphold their brand’s integrity. Kalsec provides these assurances through safe quality food practices and measurements. At Kalsec, we hold our raw materials to high quality standards and exceptional quality control and food safety practices.

For cumin extract, we review the analytical results to assure no synthetics are present. This ensures that our customers receive the highest quality of ingredients available. It is simply one more way Kalsec helps protect your brand. To learn more, read our Quality and Trust Commitment.

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