‘Hot and Spicy’ is More Than Spice

With 90% of consumers enjoying hot and spicy foods today, turning up the heat on a product is a common theme in the food and beverage industry.

Red colored sauces are thought to be most spicy by 55% of consumers.

Kalsec® conducted an on-line survey in January 2017 of 1,400 U.S. consumers ages 18 and over.

But “hot and spicy” doesn’t just mean increasing the Scoville heat units (SHU) in today’s world of foodies. Understanding the habits of consumers – what products they consume with a preference for spicy, how hot the heat level is, flavor sources of the heat, and more – are key to delivering a successful product.

New Trends for 2017

Kalsec conducted an online consumer survey of 1,400 US consumers age 18 and older to determine attitudes toward hot and spicy foods in 2015.  We updated this research with some additional insights for 2017.

90% of consumers enjoy hot/spicy foods

Kalsec® conducted an on-line survey in January 2017 of 1,400 US consumers ages 18 and over.

Kalsec® found that 9 of 10 consumers have now tried a hot and spicy food over the course of a year. This is up from 8 of 10 consumers in 2015.

Want to see all of the spicy trends Kalsec® uncovered?

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