Plant-Based Proteins

The rise of flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan diets are contributing to an increase in interest for plant-based proteins. Protein sources from both sides of the spectrum – animal and plant – are developing as consumers welcome new proteins onto their plate, as well as the need for more and alternative protein sources to keep up with the world’s population growth.

Kalsec has naturally sourced vegan solutions to improve color and flavor for plant-based proteins to meet consumer demand for clean and clear labels.


Naturally, consumers want options. Plant-based proteins expand those options beyond animal protein while new sources of protein continue to gain traction. Kalsec extracts color and flavor from natural sources to provide customers with convenient options that enhance the look and taste of their protein source.


Our innovative line of colors, spice and herb flavor extracts improve the color and flavor of plant-based proteins, including meat analogues. Backed by our extensive analytical and sensory capabilities, we identify ways to improve the quality of your products from qualitative and quantitative measurement techniques.

Health and Wellness

Consumers are increasingly looking for new sources of protein, occasionally for health-related reasons. Our naturally sourced ingredients provide vegan, clean and clear label options for plant-based protein manufacturers.

ColorsSpice and Herb Flavor Extracts

Beet as a Source of Color

We have several natural sources for color to use in plant-based proteins. Kalsec natural colors provide manufacturers with the capability to create pink-to-red hues in plant-based proteins, resembling real meat products.

Middle Eastern Flavors for Snacks

The trend for Middle Eastern flavors spans across several application categories, many falling under plant-based proteins. This could be a snack bar with harissa or berbere flavored vegetable chips. The options for innovation are seemingly endless, and Kalsec natural spice and herb flavor extracts provide flexibility and convenience for innovation.

Spice Blends to Enhance Flexitarian Perceptions

There is a strong trend towards flexitarianism, where meat eaters are making the choice to abstain from meat proteins on a part-time basis. These consumers are often looking for meat substitutes that have flavor qualities familiar to their omnivorous taste buds. Kalsec has a deep history supporting the meat and poultry industry with unique and flavorful spice blends, and is positioned to assist with transitioning these flavors to plant-based proteins.