Dairy processors want ingredients that not only withstand processing, but provide visually appealing and flavorful products with a consumer-friendly label. Our application and sensory teams work together to develop natural colors and flavors that successfully fulfill these needs.


Our convenient oil- and water-dispersible antioxidants, colors, and taste and sensory solutions can be used in a wide array of dairy applications under various processing conditions.


We have a full range of naturally sourced, visually appealing colors that are stable under a variety of processing conditions. Kalsec natural taste and sensory solutions deliver a sophisticated savory or hot and spicy flavor to a wide range of dairy applications.

Health and Wellness

We offer a broad range of naturally sourced colors, taste and sensory solutions, and food protection for consumer-friendly labels.

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Using natural colors, such as annatto and carrot, we offer a variety of hue ranges — from orange, to pink, to red — that are stable under various pH and processing conditions.


We have just the hue you need, from yellow to orange, using annatto, carrot and turmeric for your natural, processed or spray dried cheese applications.

Read this case study on how we helped one customer achieve color stability while switching from synthetic color to natural color in cheese slices.


We can improve the pink color stability in flavored milks, such as strawberry, with Vegetone® Vivid Red.

Ice Cream

We provide a variety of hue ranges, from orange to pink and red, using annatto, carrot and paprika — all of which are stable under a variety of pH and processing conditions.


We offer a full line of taste and sensory solutions, including onion, garlic, and black pepper, for cheese sauces and spreads.

Ice Cream

Our traditional spices, i.e. cinnamon, mace and nutmeg, are ideal for ice cream and dairy desserts. If you are looking to add something “hot” to your ice cream, we offer hot and spicy flavor profiles that include a full line of specialty peppers.


Herbalox® XT Rosemary Extract provides stability without imparting the objectionable flavor and odor typical of other natural rosemary extracts.

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