Using Durabrite® stabilization technology along with careful selection of high-stability pigments, we develop light and heat-stable natural colors that replace synthetic ingredients in confections. Combining this expertise and technology with close attention to processing conditions creates effective natural coloring solutions for the confection industry.


We offer a full line of water-soluble, acid-stable colors ideal for confectionery applications.


We provide a wide range of high-stability natural colors that maintain the vibrancy your confectionery products need.

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Our naturally sourced ingredients provide stable alternatives to a wide array of synthetic colorants, such as Tartrazine, Quinoline Yellow, Sunset Yellow, Carmoisine, Ponceau 4R, and Allura Red. Kalsec natural food protection can also successfully replace synthetic additives like TBHQ, BHA and BHT.

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Kalsec Vegetone® Vivid Red provides increased heat processing and storage stability over standard red beet colors.  As shown, the efficacy of stabilizers during the processing of hard candy. Product colored with Vegetone® Vivid Red beet color shows improved color expression (A) whereas the Control red beet colored product (no stabilizers) shows a bluer appearance(B).



Improved Oxidative Stability in High-Oil and Fat-Based Confectionery

Kalsec natural food protection delivers improved oxidative stability in high oil- and fat- based chocolates and crème fillings. The benefits are increased shelf life and reduced rancid odors and flavors, creating opportunities for more stable, high-quality confections.

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Taste & Sensory Solutions

Whether you are looking to add a blood orange essential oil to a candy, or a chipotle pepper flavor to a chocolate, our taste and sensory solutions and essential oils impart a unique combination of heat, citrus or savory flavor profiles to a variety of confections.