Bright, distinctive colors and flavors are an essential aspect of consumer expectations in choosing beverages. Kalsec® natural colors, antioxidants, spice and herb flavor extracts perform to exceed consumer expectations while providing naturally sourced alternatives to synthetic ingredients.


Kalsec® liquid extracts can often provide cost savings through efficient flavor delivery over infusing dried herbs and spices.


Kalsec® liquid extracts are more convenient to use than powders in beverage applications.


Kalsec® natural colors and spice and herb flavor extracts deliver the brightness, consistency and stability required throughout the supply chain, especially at the point of consumption. Kalsec® antioxidants help in maintaining the color, flavor and aroma characteristics of beverages by reducing oxidation.

Health and Wellness

Our naturally sourced colors, spice and herb flavor extracts, and antioxidants present stable alternatives to a wide range of synthetic colors, such as carmoisine, quinoline yellow, sunset yellow, ponceau 4r, and allura red, as well as the synthetic antioxidants TBHQ, BHA and BHT.

AntioxidantsColorsSpice and Herb Flavor Extracts


Kalsec® antioxidants help maintain the flavor profile of citrus oils by reducing peroxide values.


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We offer a full palette of bright, vibrant natural colors to improve the visual appeal of beverages. Consumer demand for natural colors requires these color systems to provide exceptional performance and stability. Our unique Durabrite® stabilization technology is designed to provide superior stability during processing and storage.


Spice and Herb Flavor Extracts

We provide a range of spice and herb flavor extracts, including super soluble ginger and capsicum extracts, suitable for alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverage applications. As the consumer palate expands beyond beverages with traditional flavors, manufacturers must create new innovations that appeal to consumers’ senses, such as heat sensation and mouthfeel.