Asian Cuisine

Consumers are looking for more ethnic varieties as they seek new eating experiences.  Whether it is Tom Yam, Satay, Kimchi, Sriracha, or a variety of curries, we have the expertise to develop flavor profiles that ensure ethnic authenticity.


Kalsec® liquid spice and herb extracts offer an economical alternative to many dry spices. Our liquid extracts can provide improved storage stability, consistent color and flavor release, as well as reduced storage and shipping costs.


We offer a wide range of water-dispersible and water-soluble antioxidants, colors, and spice and herb flavor extracts.


Our application laboratories in the U.S. and Asia (China and Malaysia) allow for a deeper understanding in developing ingredients for authentic Asian cuisine all over the world. These ingredients are supported by our extensive sensory and analytical capabilities to ensure consistent color and flavor delivery.

Health and Wellness

Our naturally sourced ingredients can provide stable alternatives to a wide range of synthetic ingredients as well as offering flavorful alternatives to low-sodium formulations.

Spice and Herb Flavor Extracts ColorsAntioxidants

Asian Authenticity & Variety

Whether it’s Tom Yam, Kimchi, Satay or a variety of curries, we have developed close to 100 different Asian flavor systems designed to meet various regional flavor preferences. We can provide the essential ingredients like garlic, capsicum, ginger, cinnamon, five spice and Szechuan pepper extract for many formulations.

Rich Hues

Our natural colors come in rich tones to support the flavor profiles of many Asian foods that include hues ranging from brown to orange, to red, to yellow — all without artificial ingredients.

Extended Shelf Life

Kalsec® natural antioxidants can be used in a variety of Asian cuisines to extend the shelf life of dressings, sauces, seasoning powders, pastes or frying oils.