Trust and Cleaner Labels

With consumer demand for natural, simple ingredients on the rise, many food manufacturers are working to earn their trust by ensuring the ingredients they source meet these requirements.

But with tightening supplies and rising prices of garlic oil, the chance for sources to be adulterated with synthetic materials increases. This can create concerns for the supply chain to be able to ensure their garlic oil supply remains pure and to maintain the integrity of their brand.

The vulnerability of garlic oil has many companies searching for ways to assure their supply is natural and not adulterated.

Two Step Analysis Assures Purity

Kalsec® has devised a unique, dual-testing process, using both internal and external analysis to assure pure garlic oil supply.

Gas Chromatography Method
Garlic Oil ChromatogramBy using a gas chromatography method that measures the amount and type of volatile compounds present in garlic oil, analysts can see a typical 100% natural garlic oil profile. The differences in volatile profiles (the ratios of those peaks) combined with the use of chemometrics are used to identify the non-natural garlic oils, making this method an effective screening tool.

Carbon 14 (14C) Dating Method
Carbon-14 is a standard scientific dating method used to measure the “age” of the carbon atoms present in a molecule. This method is often used in archaeology to verify the date of artifacts.

Carbon has three natural isotopes: 12C, 13C, and 14C. The first two are stable. 14C decays predicatively over time.

How does carbon dating help identify synthetic materials present? Natural substances will have higher levels of 14C atoms. Synthetic substances, such as fossil fuel derived compounds, will be composed of carbon atoms that are without 14C.

Reviewing analytical results from both methods assures unadulterated, non-synthetic garlic oil supply.

Kalsec® Means Your Brand’s Protection

Food manufacturers rely on their ingredient suppliers to uphold their brand’s integrity. Suppliers can provide these assurances through safe quality food practices and measurements.

At Kalsec®, we test and qualify each raw material batch before we approve its use. For garlic oil, we review the analytical results of both methods to assure no synthetics are present.

It is simply one more way Kalsec® helps protect your brand. To learn more, read our Quality and Trust Commitment.

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