Color Influences Purchases

whitepapers_beverages_inlineColor has tremendous influence on our purchases of food and beverages.

Nine out of 10 consumers place visual appearance and color above other factors when shopping.

As many as 85% of consumers place color as a primary reason for why they purchase a product (Kissmetrics,

When Anthocyanins Don’t Work

Anthocyanins can provide a bright red to bluish-red hue and are a good replacement for synthetic dyes (Red 40 and panceau 4R – two of the ‘Southampton Six’ synthetic colors); however, anthocyanins are unstable at pH >4.5. At this relatively higher pH, these pigments change from red to blue, are not stable and are rendered ineffective in low acid products.

As a result, there is a gap in naturally-sourced, consumer-friendly, stable red colorants.

The need for red colors for higher pH conditions and limitations of other colorants will be discussed in this white paper, along with properties of Kalsec®’s naturally-sourced colors including hue, stability and formulation challenges.

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