Events of 2020 altered the global food landscape in ways no one could have predicted, from food production to the global supply chain and consumer eating habits. Kalsec trend experts adapted our view of the food industry landscape and are considering how market trends and consumer preferences have changed. Drawing on insight from food manufacturers, food service and consumer research, Kalsec is sharing our updated food trends to watch through 2020 and beyond, building off our Top Food Trend Predictions for 2020.

Favorites with a Twist

We are seeing consumers find comfort in familiar favorites and traditional home-cooked meals. With limited options of restaurant meals for prolonged periods, consumers are focusing their energy on at-home eating occasions to create interesting new concepts by adding a ‘twist’ to classic dishes.

Why not pair classic green Italian herbs with warming green serrano chilis, adding a new twist to a classic flavor, or a taste of Korea by adding kimchi to a classic grilled cheddar cheese sandwich?

Blended Protein

Growing consumer concerns over the consumption of meat, and the greater adoption of flexitarian diets, are expected to drive the plant-based meat industry to $4.2 billion in 2021.1 Increasing familiarity with plant-based foods is likely to lead to more consumption/interest in blended proteins, where animal protein is combined with vegetables, such as a 50:50 mixture of animal and plant protein.

We expect many brands will appeal to flexitarian consumers with enticing culinary blends such as smokey BBQ or Shawarma flavors.

Waste Not

More consumers are actively trying to reduce food waste.2 As dining out options are reduced, we are seeing more excitement and creativity in the home kitchen, as well as willingness to try new flavors, dishes and cuisines. Travel abroad may not be possible, but consumers can bring the world to their home by recreating global dishes.

We see an opportunity to offer exciting flavors for meal consumption at home with a taste of the world, from fragrant Madras seasoning to Turkish Baharat.

Snacking Meals

Snacking is as popular as ever, with more consumers spending time at home and indulging while also seeking healthy snacks with added nutritional benefits. We can expect to see more innovation in snacking throughout 2020, to offer consumers innovative and price sensitive mini meals.

Take advantage of the plant-based snacking trend with Harissa bean and lentil puffs or add some heat with a Moroccan blend or tri-pepper popcorn.

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