Eliminating the Use of Artificial Preservatives

There are high expectations among global consumers that meat and poultry applications should have clean label attributes. Four of 10 consumers are influenced in their food purchases by whether those products contain artificial ingredients.1

Due to the increase in consumer demand for clean label ingredients, a manufacturer of fresh pork sausages sought to extend shelf life during refrigerated storage without the use of artificial preservatives such as butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), propyl gallate (PG), or other artificial preservatives commonly used in meat preservation. The manufacturer wanted to improve the longevity of color stability and diminish microbial spoilage in fresh pork sausage, which would be kept for a few months under frozen storage then placed in a retail case.

Low-Flavor Rosemary

Flavor sensitivity is an important factor to address when determining the course of action for extending shelf life with a natural solution. The pork sausages used in this study were moderately sensitive in flavor, meaning they required a reduced or low flavor; in this case, rosemary.

The manufacturer needed a naturally sourced antioxidant with low flavor, and decided to reach out to scientists at Kalsec to develop a solution. Kalsec scientists conducted an extensive research plan to develop a product that would meet the needs of the manufacturer and consumers.

Naturally Sourced Antioxidants to Extend Shelf Life

Kalsec scientists were able to help the sausage manufacturer extend their shelf life by an extra two weeks with the addition of Duralox® NV directly into the ground meat. This antioxidant solution from Kalsec offers spoilage inhibition, color stability and oxidative stability, thereby extending shelf life. Furthermore, Kalsec scientists validated that there is no detrimental effect on other meat quality attributes such as texture, pH and sensory acceptance.

Chart of total plate counts (TPC) of fresh pork sausages during refrigerated storage (3± 1 °C, 22 days) following 3 months of frozen storage (-20 °C) under PVC-overwrap packaging, comparing BHA + BHT, Duralox Blend and Duralox NV-1. BHA + BHT sausages were regarded as unacceptable following T + 7 days of refrigerated storage due to the growth of spoilage organisms.

The manufacturer identified a gap in the industry for a clean label solution to extend shelf life in fresh pork sausages with low flavor, and used Kalsec resources to help create an innovative product for the food industry. By doing this, the manufacturer also reduced food waste and created a more environmentally friendly product by extending shelf life, naturally.

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1. Consumer Trends: Clean to Clear Label. (2019, February 05). Retrieved from https://www.kalsec.com/consumer-trends-cleaner-labels/

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