Durabrite® Colors

We produce Durabrite® high-stability colors by carefully extracting selected raw materials and incorporating our patented stabilization system. The results are exceptional color and flavor stability.

Durabrite® Paprika vs. Commercially Available Paprika

Durabrite® Paprika and a commercially available paprika were dispersed at one percent on flour salt. The samples were placed in a light box at 210 foot-candles.

Results: Durabrite® Paprika outperformed the standard oleoresin paprika in all evaluations. After 28 days exposed to light, the Durabrite® maintained 81 percent of its color value, while the standard oleoresin retained only 10 percent. Over that same time period, the standard paprika developed off odors. The hexanal area counts of 218,000 indicate that oxidation had occurred.

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Durabrite® Paprika on Breadcrumbs

In a study on breadcrumbs at 93°C, a four-fold improvement in the stability of cracker crumbs is achieved with the use of the Durabrite® paprika.


Durabrite® Paprika in Beverages

Coloring beverages packaged in clear bottles is a particularly challenging application. The recent development of Durabrite® Soluble Paprika allows for the use of natural colors to replace blends of Sunset Yellow (E110) and Ponceau 4R (E124). Stabilized Durabrite® and unstabilized paprika formulations were used to color simulated beverages. The beverage solutions were placed in a light box and exposed to accelerated fluorescent light at 3.5 Klux. The Durabrite® paprika clearly shows superior stability under fluorescent light. In a typical grocery store setting at 1.6 Klux this beverage would be expected to maintain its color for four to five months.




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