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Our chefs and food scientists collaborate to create a distinctive portfolio of flavor profiles driven by more than just iconic and trending global cuisines, but also the dynamic flavors created through the act of cooking. Kalsec’s inspiration for flavors is not only true to the ingredient, but also the culinary dimensions of the kitchen. From fresh herbs and citrus, to roasted and fried, and the foundation of cooked allium; Kalsec provides the culinary building blocks to help you construct the flavors you envision for your customers.


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Every food type and application have their own unique variables when it comes to creating taste and sensory solutions. Kalsec creates authentic profiles that are flexible for all applications.

Name the application and we have a solution. Our experience spans condiments, dips, soups, baked goods—and so many more! We can help. Here are a few of our favorites…

Alternative Proteins

As consumers continue to experiment with and transition to plant-based proteins, so do their demands for authentic and enjoyable taste and sensory experiences. Kalsec can help make plant-based meats taste more like their animal-based counterparts, including beef, chicken, and pork, and can also add complex flavor profiles.

Meat Seasoning

From beef to pork and poultry to fish, Kalsec has perfected the flavor profile desired for your meat application. Whether you are developing a spicy chorizo or the iconic frankfurter, our products deliver the authentic experience your customer desires.

Pickle Flavors

Successful pickle applications have a signature flavor — let Kalsec help you discover yours. We have been working with pickles for decades and can help you find the right combination, whether you are looking for dill, kosher dill, or sweet pickle flavor. As an added bonus, we are experts at all things hot and spicy, which for pickles, is a nuance growing in popularity around the world.

Sauces and Dressings

Sauces and dressings are to food, what paint color is to a room. While the paint provides no structural support, it does have a dramatic effect on the personality of the space. Sauces and dressings do the same. Most often they are not the main event of what we eat, but do add character to the dish. Proteins and vegetables are used again and again in cuisines all across the globe, but the added dimension of flavor from the sauces and dressings can give identity to the region in which the dish was inspired.


Whether you are eating a mix of nuts and seeds, a burst of protein in a meat snack, or just satisfying that ‘crunch’ desire with a chip or cracker, snacks may be the most versatile food application for consumers. Our breadth of experience spans the vast array of snack applications. From iconic snack profiles to complex and on-trend flavors, the flavor landscape for snacks is as endless as it is exciting. Refining tried-and-true flavors or building a culinary vision all your own; we have the team to help make your snack product a win.

The techniques in the kitchen create some of the most elusive and alluring flavors in all of food. Through cooking and culinary imagination, the flavor of the raw ingredients is elevated and becomes so much more than it began. Cooking techniques such as sauteing, roasting, toasting, and frying are among those that chefs use every day to create on a plate what was once only an idea. The collaboration between chefs and scientists at Kalsec has perfected these types of flavors to provide the ability to capture the inspiration of the action of the kitchen in your creations.

Icons exist because we can instantly relate to them. Iconic food is no different. These are the flavors customers reach for time and again; the lifelong aromas you remember smelling as a child, or the familiar blends from the spice cabinet at home. Our chefs and food scientists are experts in regional preferences and will work with you to create the everyday flavors that consumers relate to and use in their kitchens.

Elevating a food from pedestrian to exciting can be a simple as adding the freshness of a squeeze of lemon, or the aroma of fresh herbs. These simple finishing touches often transcend expectations. Kalsec Fresh-Picked Tastes captures the garden-fresh flavor of vegetables, herbs, and citrus to add brightness and energy to a dish. These finishing flavors—including lemon, chives, mint, basil, parsley, and ginger—complement robust flavors and are an ideal accent to carbohydrates, grains, and pasta.

Inspired by travel and a desire for adventure, consumers demonstrate continued excitement around unique, full-flavored cuisine. Whether they are recreating a meal from their past international adventure or looking to broaden their palate and experience new global flavors and dishes, the desire is all the same – discovering food and flavors that create new experiences and memories.

Created by our chefs and food scientists from around the globe, our flavor blends deliver the authentic taste experiences that consumers are looking to achieve.

European Cuisine

Like the geography of the continent, the flavors and tastes of Europe are diverse. European cuisine spans the flavors of garlic, tomato, citrus, chilies, herbs, and the sun-drenched flavors of the Mediterranean, to the comforting vegetal and warm spice flavors of central and northern Europe. Kalsec leverages classical European flavors to create traditional and adventurous profiles.

North, Central and South American Cuisine

North American Cuisine

Regional and classic flavors from North American are a natural fit for Kalsec. With our headquarters in the United States, we have a front-row seat to the wide range of cuisines within this region. Whether they are exciting, bold cajun flavors, the steadfast deliciousness of BBQ, the warm sweet spices from the autumnal north, or classic American condiment and dressing flavors, we have you covered.

Central and South American Cuisine

Exciting and delicious! Central and South American Cuisines are dynamic and full of flavor. Deep flavors of al pastor, jerk, Caribbean jerk, cumin, chipotle, and dried chilies are bolstered by the lively vibrancy of cilantro, lime, chimichurri, and chamoy. Flavors from this region of the world are bold and almost always come with memorable experiences.

African Cuisine

Many of the flavors of Africa are shaped by the use of spices. Cumin, coriander, allspice, cardamom, nutmeg, paprika, and ginger are all examples of the personality traits of the taste of Africa. Highlighted with heat from harrisa, and citruses — like lime and blood orange — African cuisine provides deep and well-rounded flavor.

Middle Eastern Cuisine

Flavors of the Middle East are earthy, herbaceous, and aromatic. The aromas and tastes of cumin, citrus, onion, parsley, allspice, paprika, black pepper, mint, and chilies help give vibrancy to iconic Middle Eastern foods like shawarma and kofta. This identifiable, spice-forward cuisine is becoming more mainstream as consumers are eager to eat healthier foods without compromising on flavor. Whether it is a spice blend added to the protein or a condiment spread to elevate a classic dish, Middle Eastern flavors are being represented and consumed all around the globe.

Asian Cuisine

Indian Cuisine

The masters of spice, Indian cuisine is vibrant and full of energy! The flavors of chilies, ginger, cardamom, and cumin build robust and deep flavor profiles indicative of Indian cuisine. Our decades of flavor experience have aided in the perfection of building authentic regional blends like garam masala, vindaloo, tandoori, and chaat masala.

Southeast Asian Cuisine

Sour, sweet, salty, aromatic – Southeast Asian cuisine flavors are dynamic and animated. Lemongrass, ginger, fried shallot, cilantro, and lime are key flavors and fragrances in Thai, Vietnamese, and other national cuisines. Local to the region, Kalsec chefs and scientists have seamlessly developed iconic blends like tom yam, massaman curry, pho spice, hoisin, and Sriracha to help create the dynamic flavors you envision in either a traditional or non-traditional application.

North Asian and Chinese Cuisine

Leaning on similar ingredients like onion, sesame, ginger, and soy sauce, flavors of Northern Asia begin to vary in the kitchen and the application of heat. Roasted and charred flavors create unique profiles for foods like teriyaki and bulgogi, while spice blends like Kung pao, Sichuan, togarashi, and five-spice add nuance and excitement to dishes.


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