Gustavo Puente, Senior VP of Procurement

Kalsec is proud to announce Gustavo Puente, the company’s Senior Vice President of Procurement, has been named to the EARTH University Board of Directors.

Puente graduated from EARTH University with a B.S. in Agricultural Sciences. During his time at the University, Puente was introduced to Kalsec through an internship. Puente joined Kalsec’s procurement function in 2005 and took on several global sourcing and supply chain responsibilities at both manager and director levels. In 2013 Puente was promoted to Vice President of Procurement, where he oversees the company’s global procurement strategy, and became an officer in the Kalsec organization. As a member of the EARTH Board of Directors, Puente will help oversee the mission and purpose of EARTH University.

Passion for Agriculture

Puente has always had a passion for agricultural businesses, believing that agriculture was key to prosperity for Latin American economies. Puente enjoys what he considers a highly transformative executive position. Puente obtained his master’s degree in agricultural economics with an emphasis in agribusiness from Michigan State University and has also participated in several executive education programs at Northwestern University and MIT.

Throughout his career, Puente and his team have led efforts to create or transform Kalsec’s supply chain in many countries including the U.S., Peru, China, India, Brazil, Turkey, and others. These agribusiness projects have had a positive impact, ultimately cascading to the communities where raw materials are grown by small and large farmers.

Responsible Sourcing

Kalsec is a leader in transformative areas such as plant breeding, pesticide management, traceability, and responsible sourcing. Kalsec sources our raw materials from over 30 countries around the world, including countries that benefit from EARTH University students.

As a global citizen, Kalsec strives to respect and nurture the environment and communities from which we derive our livelihoods. We are proud to support Gustavo in this endeavor to further strengthen Kalsec’s commitment to EARTH University.

About EARTH University

EARTH University was founded on the premise that local leadership would be key to achieving peace and shared prosperity among rural communities struggling with poverty and limited futures. With this transformative premise in mind, EARTH set out to train and prepare future generations of values-driven leaders for rural areas.

Over the past three decades, the University has consolidated an established platform for rural leadership education that has provided holistic undergraduate education in agricultural sciences to more than 2,000 students from more than 40 countries around the world, nearly 90% of whom come from rural areas.

The full press release can be found here: Kalsec VP Named to EARTH Board.

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