For over three decades, we’ve been a pioneer in extracting rosemary for its naturally occurring flavor and powerful antioxidant preservative capabilities. As farmers, we know that conditions can change drastically in the blink of an eye. Flooding, poor crops or bad yield in one area can leave those with only one growing location unable to meet the needs of their customers. That is why in addition to growing our own vertically integrated rosemary in Texas, we support local economies of the Mediterranean with their rosemary yields through a select group of suppliers. 

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Vertically Integrated Rosemary Extract

For over 60 years, we’ve been committed to both the planet and its inhabitants. Our experience with rosemary as a natural antioxidant food preservative at our farms in Texas has resulted in better plants through continuous improvements in natural seed selection, plant breeding and crop selection. These efforts have led to more efficient and robust rosemary plants with powerful, consistent antioxidants while significantly reducing their carbon footprint at the same time. 

Rosemary From the Mediterranean 

Native to the hills of the Mediterranean, rosemary provides the best of what nature has to offer as a natural antioxidant preservative. We selectively form our partnerships with growers in the region, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable practices.  

Take the case of Moroccan rosemary, which grows wild on the Moyen Atlas mountain range. It is picked by hand in compliance with local authorities to allow for plant regeneration, and no pesticides are used, meaning it undergoes “wild harvesting.” This is just one example of the type of green and ethical sourcing practices we support in the production of our products. 

Natural Antioxidants vs Synthetic Preservatives: The Benefits of Herbalox® & Other Antioxidant Solutions

Antioxidants have played a key role in maintaining the flavor and color stability of food products for hundreds of years. Our line of natural antioxidant food preservatives provides an effective alternative to the synthetic preservation options traditionally used in the food industry. 

Kalsec Herbalox Rosemary Extracts established the standard for natural oxidation-inhibiting products, creating the foundation for our array of leading-edge, clean-label antioxidant solutions. Herbalox can also serve as a building block on which other trusted, natural antioxidants can be stacked on top of. When combined with our Duralox® Oxidation Management Systems, a powerful partnership is formed, guarding against a range of oxidation effects to extend products’ shelf life.  

Furthermore, our DuraShield Natural Food Protection Blends apply the added protection of antimicrobials to Herbalox antioxidants, each of which is more effective when joined than they are on their own, resulting in patented synergistic properties that defend against foodborne pathogens and spoilage microorganisms in addition to oxidation.       

With a variety of options available, these antioxidant preservatives can be used across multiple applications to keep your food looking better, tasting better and lasting longer…naturally.®

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