Did You Indulge in Global Flavors?

Sample ethnic spice flavors in salsa as presented at FIE 2017
Attendees of Food Ingredients Europe this year had the chance to taste global ethnic flavor combinations with Kalsec® in a variety of applications such as dairy, confectionery and sauces. If you did not get the chance to attend Food Ingredients Europe this year, here are the important food trends from the show.

Top Trends from Fi Europe

“Free-From” Continues to Dominate

There were many “free-from” claims on display at Fi Europe this year. These claims support “healthier-for-you” label claims, such as free-from gluten, dairy, sugar, salt, etc. These “free-from” label claims continue to support the macro trend of clean label.

Everything is Natural

Kalsec booth at FIE 2017The macro trend for sourcing from nature continues to expand as an industry standard and become more apparent in food ingredients. Natural ingredients for color, flavor, texture and stability were heavily on display at the show. A notable natural movement that continues to flourish is colors sourced from nature.

Sustainable Efforts

From vertical integration to recycling food waste, many stands went into detail of their sustainable efforts. As a company that prioritizes sustainability, Kalsec® enjoyed seeing many collective efforts to be more conscious of company’s effects on the planet.

Going Global

Many companies at Fi Europe have a global presence, and made sure that attendees knew of their locations. It seems that being a ‘global’ company has become more of a standard for companies within the food industry. This idea coincides with consumers’ interest in expanding their palates to include more ethnic flavors.

Adding Protein

The trend for adding protein is continuing to increase in popularity, especially with protein sourced from plants. Examples of plant proteins on display include hemp, chia, quinoa and rice. According to Whole Foods and several other sources, plant proteins will continue to be popular in 2018, and not just in Europe.

Stay On Trend

90% of US consumers and 80% of European consumers enjoy hot and spicy foods.Looking for more trends? To keep updated on global hot and spicy food trends, read our eBook: Spicing Up the Food Industry: Hot and Spicy Trends and Insights.

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