• Market Insight: Global Flavors

    The Growing Preference for Global Flavors Whether consumers seek out experiences through travel, or find them closer to home, more people are enjoying the discovery of new cultures – and many cultural distinctions revolve around foods and flavors. Kalsec predicted that global flavors will be a growing trend at the beginning of 2019, and we […]

  • Market Insight: Shareable Natural Colors

    Are Your Colors Shareable? With the growth of social media, color is even more important to product development for food manufacturers. Consumers have long lived by the adage, “We eat with our eyes.” From sharing images of what is on our plate to food-centric events, there is a proliferation of food-focused content across social media […]

  • HeatSync Heat Index

    Mainstream Heat With the help of Innova Market Insights, Kalsec has tracked a steady growth in global new product introductions with hot and spicy flavors and ingredients through our HeatSync® heat index for 11 years. As leaders in heat management and capsicum extracts, we invest in maintaining the most up-to-date knowledge on hot and spicy […]

  • Differences Between Black and White Pepper

    Black Pepper vs. White Pepper Although very different in appearance, black and white pepper are obtained from the same botanical source. They are the fruit or berries of Piper nigrum L., a perennial climbing vine that is widely cultivated for its long slender spikes of small fruit. They are harvested at different stages of maturity […]

  • The Development of Aquaresin

    Revolutionizing Oleoresins for Food Applications Kalsec® was one of the first to develop oleoresins for both water and oil and has been continuously researching and testing to improve the system for the past 60 years. When Howard Haley joined the Kalsec lab in 1976 he was given one of his first assignments: to create a […]

  • Top Food Trend Predictions for 2018

    Will Plant-Based Proteins Continue to Grow? New year, new food and flavor trends. It is that time of year again to focus on the top food trends predicted for the upcoming year. What will 2018 offer the food industry? What is the next great super food? How is digital technology influencing food choices? Here, Kalsec® […]

  • eBook: Spicing Up the Food Industry

    Hot and Spicy Flavor Trends Evolve Hot and spicy flavor trends are growing, along with the desire for spicier foods, higher heat levels and different heat flavors. In the latest update of the Kalsec® HeatSync® Heat Index, new global product introductions with hot and spicy ingredients increased for a ninth straight year. Consumer preferences are […]

  • Demonstration of Herbalox® Solubilities

    Dispersability of Herbalox® Rosemary Extracts in Oil and Water Watch this instructional demonstration to see the solubility of different Kalsec® Herbalox rosemary extract forms in both oil and water. This demonstration will help to determine which Kalsec® Herbalox rosemary extract would work best for a specific medium.

  • How to Transport a Kalsec® Drum

    Demonstration of Transporting a Drum Watch this instructional demonstration to learn from Kalsec® scientists the proper way to transport a Kalsec® drum.

  • Kalsec® Capsicum

    Quality and Innovation You Can Trust What makes Kalsec® capsicum unique? Kalsec® capsicum is vertically integrated with over 30 years experience in the seed development and cultivation of chili peppers with a select group of farmers. Kalsec® grows all of its chili peppers to make Kalsec® capsicum in the United States through a natural seed […]