Pet Foods

Pets are members of the family, and pet owners are increasingly seeking the same types of foods and ingredients for their pets that they purchase for themselves. This includes naturally sourced ingredients that they can count on to be safe and enjoyable for their pets. The Kalsec Agricultural Assurance program provides processors with the confidence that they are using ingredients grown and sourced to meet the highest quality standards.


Increased shelf life helps reduce waste and provides economic advantages as well as improved customer loyalty.


Kalsec® natural antioxidants, colors, and spice and herb flavor extracts come in a variety of forms, including oil soluble, water dispersible and dry powder.


The challenge of using natural products includes maintaining freshness and shelf life.  Kalsec® ingredients provide the color and flavor stability that allow for higher quality pet foods sourced from natural ingredients.

Health and Wellness

Kalsec® naturally sourced ingredients can provide a consumer-friendly label by replacing synthetic ingredients, such as BHA, BHT, ascorbyl palmitate and ethoxyquin.

AntioxidantsSpice and Herb Flavor ExtractsColors


Kalsec® antioxidants offer a natural or “label friendly” alternative while providing increased shelf life in a variety of pet foods and snacks. Oxidation can impact a pet food’s flavor and texture, in addition to causing nutrient loss. Herbalox® Rosemary Extract and Duralox® Oxidation Management Systems can provide improved stability in rendered meats and kibbles.

Spice and Herb Flavor Extracts

Our full range of spice and herb extracts, including many savory flavors,  provide pet food processors the opportunity to add flavors that improve the taste and enjoyment of pets’ meals.


Kalsec® provides a full range of natural colors to increase the visual appeal of pet foods and snacks.  From red to orange, to yellow hues, Kalsec® offers a full range of naturally sourced colors that improve ingredient stability under a variety of processing conditions.