Vegetone® Color Systems

Your premium food products require ingredients that contribute to a wholesome and appetizing appearance. Quality-minded consumers read labels and prefer products made with naturally sourced ingredients. Kalsec® Vegetone® color systems produce clean, bright hues with naturally sourced carotenoid and anthocyanin pigments.

Simplifying Your Process

Vegetone® Color Systems can precisely match a wide range of hues and customized color formulations to meet your specific application needs. The ease of having a single ingredient to provide color to your product simplifies your process and reduces the risk of error due to variability of multiple single-sourced ingredients.

Vegetone® Color Systems come in both oil- and water-dispersible forms for specific applications.


Water-Soluble Solutions

When water solubility matters to your application, it is not always easy to find a natural color product with great performance. We offer a spectrum of Vegetone® Color System liquid products that are water soluble.

Product Usage Hue Description
Vegetone® Radiant Yellow 0.02-0.2% Yellow to Yellow Orange
Vegetone® Bright Orange 0.02-0.2% Orange
Vegetone® Vivid Red 0.05-0.2% Orange Red, Red, Violet Red
Vegetone® Vibrant Green 0.05-0.2% Green to Dark Green

Increased Light Stability in Beverages

Kalsec® Vegetone® Radiant Yellow is formulated to deliver an increase in light stability over synthetic beta-carotene and typical carrot colors.




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