Low Flavor Low Aroma Antioxidant

You can now extend the shelf life of your application while limiting the flavor and aroma imparted from the natural antioxidant. Herbalox® Rosemary Extract XT provides the flexibility to increase the amount of natural antioxidant you use, allowing for increased shelf life without any flavor and aroma limitations.

Specific statements and examples of applications may not apply in all geographical regions. Usage and labeling and associated claims may vary based on governmental regulations.

Cleaner Flavor

Herbalox® XT provides cleaner flavor in your finished food product than previously available with natural antioxidants.



  • Clean and Natural Label
  • Delayed rancidity/lipid peroxidation of unsaturated fats and oils
  • Available in oil soluble and water dispersible forms
  • Available in Duralox® blends to meet your specific formulation requirements
  • Heat stable to over 240° C
  • Lower flavor and aroma allows for increased dosage amounts




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