Herbalox® Rosemary Extract

The longer your food and beverage can remain fresh on the store shelf, the more valuable it is for a retailer. Food manufacturers are always looking for new ways to extend the shelf life of their products. For 30 years, Kalsec® oxidation management scientists have been dedicated to finding natural antioxidant solutions for your products. Revolutionary  Herbalox® Rosemary Extract established the standard for natural oxidation-inhibiting products, creating the foundation for an array of leading-edge, label-sensitive antioxidant solutions.

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Kalsec Rosemary

Food and beverage has grown to become one of the largest industries of the 21st century.

Health-conscious consumers have more options than ever. That means food and beverage manufacturers need reliable sourcing and solutions to ensure product quality and to keep pace with consumer demand.

Kalsec has been a pioneer in extracting rosemary for its naturally occurring flavor and powerful antioxidant components.

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Herbalox Rosemary Extract

Herbalox Rosemary Extract is ideal for a diverse selection of applications, ranging from meats, to oils, to snacks. Kalsec proprietary extraction and processing techniques allow for the retention of all the useful phenoic compounds, not just carnosic acid (CA) and carnosol (CN). These active phenolic compounds uniquely combine to create the highest antioxidant activity in a rosemary extract.

The graph shows that Herbalox Rosemary Extract was the best at stabilizing oil over carnosic acid and carnosol individually.




Oxidative Stability of Commodity Oils


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