DuraShield™ Natural Food Protection Blends combine the power of antioxidants with the safety and security of our antimicrobials in one convenient product. In this webinar, you will learn more about this innovative new alternative for developing safer, longer lasting products, specifically, plant-based alternative meats.

Andrew Lee Ph.D., Senior R&D Manager-Food Protection at Kalsec, will walk through research that demonstrates the efficacy of DuraShield in plant-based burgers under various conditions. He will also talk about how adding Kalsec natural taste and sensory solutions and colors can help you develop products your customers are craving – all while maintaining a clean label. With the help of ingredients naturally crafted by Kalsec, your plant-based proteins can look good and taste good because they are good.


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DuraShield™ Natural Food Protection Blends

Scientifically proven to be effective at improving shelf life and safety, DuraShield Natural Food Protection Blends crafted by Kalsec combine traditional natural antioxidant products with natural antimicrobials, like cultured dextrose and/or buffered vinegar. It is a unique, 2-in-1 solution, where the ingredients are more powerful combined than they are individually. Plus, DuraShield delivers minimal impact on taste and aroma and helps you maintain a cleaner, consumer-preferred label.



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