Extend Shelf-Life and Reduce Waste: Omega-3 Oil Stabilization

Omega-3’s are noted for their high concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA). As a result, these oils are extremely susceptible to oxidation, which results in free radicals, creating off flavors and odors thereby reducing shelf-life. In working with our R&D Oxidation Management team, Kalsec® can recommend a Duralox® Oxidation Management solution that will stabilize oils such as Omega-3’s in a wide variety of applications.

Graph: Dietary menhaden oil fortified with Duralox Systems to improve stability. Stability was measured by OSI at 80°C.


Results: The oil fortified with a Duralox® System showed 4-8 times greater stability than the control, depending on dosage levels used.

The rising cost of raw materials requires innovative solutions and Kalsec® ingredients can provide cost-saving options when working with our R&D team of specialists. Kalsec® ingredients can help you extend shelf-life and reduce waste, lab testing, ingredient, inventory and freight costs.

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