Oxidative Stability in Meat Products

Chart of Survey Results

Kalsec® conducted an online survey in April 2015 of 1,018 U.S. and UK consumers [509 from each region].

Processed meat products offer a convenient protein source for consumers. Oxidative and color stability are critical components in ensuring consumer acceptability of these processed meats.

BHA/BHT has commonly been utilized as a preventative strategy for processed meat products.

In recent consumer research conducted by Kalsec®, U.S. and UK consumers chose “meat and poultry” as the top food category that they prefer to not contain artificial ingredients [Fig. 1].

But, with the surge in clean label demands, many companies are looking to replace BHA/BHT in their meat.

Clean Label and Natural Antioxidant Strategies to Remove Synthetic Preservatives

To remove BHA/BHT from processed meat products, processors need label-friendly solutions with comparative performance. This white paper includes three case studies on how clean label solutions from Kalsec® demonstrate the antioxidant efficacy compared to BHA/BHT in various meat products and processing conditions.

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Clean Label Trends

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