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  • Capsicum Vertical Integration

    The Story Behind Kalsec® Capsicum Extract Cooking and food are about coming together. At Kalsec we are family. We have strong values, passion and a belief that we should simply treat people right. We believe in dedication and tradition, which is why our family has been cultivating chili pepper plants from a small group of […]

  • The Development of Aquaresin

    Revolutionizing Oleoresins for Food Applications Kalsec® was one of the first to develop oleoresins for both water and oil and has been continuously researching and testing to improve the system for the past 60 years. When Howard Haley joined the Kalsec lab in 1976 he was given one of his first assignments: to create a […]

  • White Paper: Oxidative Stability of Commodity Oils

    Meeting Consumer Demand for Clean Label The removal of synthetic antioxidants from food is driving the clean label trend, while there is a need to maintain oxidative stability. One way that food manufacturers have compensated for removal of synthetic additives is switching over to more stable oils, such as high oleic oils. Compared to commodity […]

  • The Impact of Natural Antioxidants

    The Basics of Antioxidants In an effort to provide our customers with the tools they need for making product formulation decisions, we put together a video series detailing the use of antioxidants. Meet one of our antioxidant experts, Poulson Joseph. Poulson will be explaining not only the purpose of antioxidants, but the difference between natural […]

  • March 2018 Trend Brief: Meat or No Meat?

    Trends in Animal and Plant-Based Proteins Catering to the needs of consumers has become increasingly challenging for food manufacturers as consumers change their diets and experiment with different sources of protein. The rise of flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan diets in 2017 was a large contributor to this. Both sides of the spectrum – animal and […]

  • Bold Natural Color Trends

    Growth of Natural Food Colors “Bold” and “natural” in the same sentence are the new way to describe food colors. Europe has been laying the groundwork for this movement for years, and with consumers’ demand for clean labels and simple ingredients this combination is spreading to other countries and becoming more mainstream. According to Innova […]

  • October 2017 Trend Brief: Clean and Tasty

    The Optimal Recipe: Clean and Tasty When it comes to the macro trend for clean label products, consumers want to know what they are eating is “clean,” but not at the sacrifice of taste and visual appeal. For a while now, companies have been searching for natural alternatives for synthetic ingredients, sometimes giving up elements […]

  • August 2017 Trend Brief: Natural Flavors

    Natural Flavors Spotlight With the current pressing demand for a clean label comes the issue of finding natural ingredient solutions. The trend for plant-based ingredients is continuing, while flavors for meats and culinary cuisines are being refined. Kalsec® put together a list of articles that address these natural flavor trends to keep our readers updated […]

  • White Paper: Helping Cooked Meats Taste Better…Naturally

    Combatting Lipid Oxidation in Cooked Meats Flavor protection is an on-going concern in ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat meat and poultry products. Lipid oxidation threatens the flavor stability of these products resulting in undesirable off-flavors and off-aromas described as ‘warmed-over flavor’ [WOF] or ‘modified flavor reduction’. The industry is also challenged with trying to replace BHA, BHT, […]

  • White Paper: Making Products Look Better…Naturally

    Fresh Meat Color Stability As fresh ground meat is a major share of the meat retail space, the appearance of the meat is vital to consumer purchases. Profits deteriorate when discolored ground meat need to be discounted or disposed due to lack of sale. Methods for shelf life extension in case-ready packaging are critical for […]