Yellow Hues

Our range of naturally sourced yellow hues is derived primarily from turmeric, carrot and blends of these pigments. They are also available in high stability forms.

Durabrite® Colors Vegetone® Color Systems

Providing Light Stability in Sauces

When tested against a control sauce at 5.5 Klux, our Vegetone® Radiant Yellow retained better color for consistently longer. Even with headspace oxygen [Control 1 and Treatment 1], Kalsec® Durabrite® systems performed better.


Optimizing Your Hue

If you are looking to replace Tartrazine, Yellow #5, E102, Quinoline Yellow, or E104, we have a range of natural yellow hue solutions that provide better labeling options while maintaining the performance necessary for your application.

Raw Material Light Stability Heat Stability ph Range Comments
Turmeric Dependent on food formulation. Good light stability is typical in dry products, while poor light stability is characteristic in high moisture products. Excellent Optimum pH range 3.0 – 7.0 At higher pH’s, the hue shifts to red and the pigment becomes unstable.
Carrot Good Good Optimum pH range is 3.0-8.0 Ideal replacement for beta- carotene and mixed carotenes.


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