Orange Hues

Our range of naturally sourced orange hues is derived from paprika, annatto and blends of these pigments, and is available in high stability forms.

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Attractive colors in processed meat and seafood are the first indicator to the consumer of a flavorful eating experience. Kosher orange and red colors have been a challenge in the industry until now. Varying shades are available in standard or custom blends to meet your marketing objectives for a unique and pleasing appearance in salmon, surimi, sausages and jerky.

A ratio of white (68%) and salmon fish (32%) were homogenized to create a “base” that was then colored with Vegetone® Salmon Color at 0.15% and Vegetone® Salmon Color at 0.25%, resulting in a more salmon-colored finished product.


Optimizing Your Hue

To give foods a “pop” of color, Sunset Yellow FCF (E110) or Yellow #6 are often used. But you may be looking to replace these synthetic colors with more natural label-friendly alternatives, without losing the performance of synthetic colors. We have a range of natural orange and orange-red hue solutions to help solve your dilemma.

Raw Materials Light Stability Heat Stability pH range Comments
Annatto Good Good Optimum pH range 3.0-8.0 Good stability in general. Degradation can occur with heating over long time 
periods. Some formulations affected by pH.
Paprika Good Good Optimum pH range 3.0-8.0 Not affected by pH. Good stability in most applications but susceptible to oxidative degradation. Durabrite® Paprika provides significant stability improvement.

Natural Sources


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