• Culinary Creations

    Our chefs and food scientists collaborate to create a distinctive portfolio of flavor profiles driven by more than just iconic and trending global cuisines, but also the dynamic flavors created through the act of cooking. Kalsec’s inspiration for flavors is not only true to the ingredient, but also the culinary dimensions of the kitchen. From […]

  • Culinary Garlic, Onion and Specialty Alliums

    Alliums are a core ingredient and the key to enhancing the flavor of nearly any dish across all cuisines and cultures. Alliums provide an irreplaceable depth of flavor, which is why Kalsec’s chefs and food scientists have created an extensive and innovative allium portfolio. From capturing the taste of garlic, onion, leeks, scallions and shallots, […]

  • Hot and Spicy Creations

    Heat is a complex sensation that combines flavor, intensity and timing for a complete taste and sensory experience. Kalsec was ahead of the consumer-driven popularity of hot and spicy packaged goods and is continually able to meet ever-evolving desires. From our vertically integrated capsicum crop and our naturally sourced pepper extracts to achieving the nuances […]

  • Spice and Herb Extracts

    Derived from the natural flavor source, Spice and Herb Extracts are the building blocks of Kalsec Natural Taste & Sensory Solutions. Our extensive offerings are an easy substitute for dry or fresh alternatives and deliver greater consistency and safety. For more than 60 years, manufacturers of prepared food and food ingredients have relied on Kalsec […]