• Lupulock™ Encapsulated Hop Oils

    Get consistent, natural hop flavor with Kalsec’s all-new, innovative encapsulated hop oils. Lupulock enables brewers to accelerate production and reduce beer loss while delivering authentic hop flavors and aromas. Exponentially more concentrated, Lupulock provides greater efficiencies and scale compared to hop cones and hop pellets.   What are Encapsulated Hops?   Discover the Future of […]

  • Certified Organic Products

    Organic food and beverage launches are on the rise as consumers increasingly seek products with organic ingredients. Kalsec offers a range of certified organic extracts to help our customers meet consumer demand for transparent, cleaner label ingredients. We acknowledge and understand regional differences in organic regulations. That is why we work closely with regional certifying […]

  • Durabrite® Colors

    We produce Durabrite® high-stability colors by carefully extracting selected raw materials and incorporating our patented stabilization system. The results are exceptional color and flavor stability.

  • Herbalox® Rosemary as a Flavor Modulator

    Kalsec’s Herbalox rosemary extract is available in 3 levels of standardized flavor which has potential to alter or modulate flavor in a wide range of applications, such as plant-based beverages and potato flakes. From adding a hint of rosemary, to masking or enhancing certain flavors, Herbalox can provide those finishing touches to complete your food […]

  • Herbalox® Rosemary Extract Quick Soluble

    A Quick Soluble, Natural Antioxidant for Your Cold Brines Herbalox® Rosemary Extract Type QS (Quick Solubility) is a specially formulated natural antioxidant with excellent miscibility in cold brines for a clear, injectable solution to oxidation. Super-chilled water temperatures and competition among dry ingredients for available water often prevent complete solubility of functional ingredients. Incomplete solubility […]

  • Low Flavor Low Aroma Antioxidant

    You can now extend the shelf life of your application while limiting the flavor and aroma imparted from the natural antioxidant. Herbalox® Rosemary Extract XT provides the flexibility to increase the amount of natural antioxidant you use, allowing for increased shelf life without any flavor and aroma limitations. Specific statements and examples of applications may […]

  • Vegetone® Color Systems

    Your premium food products require ingredients that contribute to a wholesome and appetizing appearance. Quality-minded consumers read labels and prefer products made with naturally sourced ingredients. Kalsec® Vegetone® color systems produce clean, bright hues with naturally sourced carotenoid and anthocyanin pigments.