• Customized Hop Blends

    When appropriate, Kalsec® undertakes collaborative projects to develop customer-driven tailored blends that can include hop oils, natural flavors and hop bitterness.  Many times these products are a Complete Post-Fermentation® (CPF®) solution, providing a desired balance that can include hop bitterness (sometimes light-stable), hop aroma and flavor, natural flavors, and a hop-derived foam retention product for […]

  • Hop Acids

    Kalsec® Hop Bitterness Extracts contain isomerized and reduced hop acids for addition to the brew kettle and/or post-fermentation. Kalsec is one of the originators of advanced hop acid products and extracts, which remain a primary focus today. Paul Todd Jr., Kalsec® founder, was a pioneer in the development of advanced hop acid products, and he […]

  • Hop Flavoring

    Our application scientists and flavor chemists have determined that special flavor and aroma character can be obtained when blending hop oils with other natural flavors. Frequently this is done for a unique effect but it can also be done for cost-effectiveness or for better product stability. Our team of hop and flavor chemists, sensory panelists […]

  • HopRival®

    Kalsec® application scientists and flavor chemists use sensory and analytical methods to combine key hop oil fractions into unique blends that mimic hop oils that have undergone the fermentation process. These Kalsec® products are called HopRival® because they mimic traditional flavor and aroma hopping, even though they are added into fermentation or post-fermentation. These hop […]

  • Kettle Aroma Extracts

    The use of advanced hop products has played an increasingly important role for brewers worldwide. Kalsec® Advanced Hop Products provide tools for brewers to streamline production, improve efficiency and reduce waste. They also offer light-stable bitterness and unique hop aroma and flavor. Our Kettle Aroma Extract collection of products can supplement or totally replace brewkettle […]

  • Neat Hop Oils

    Kalsec® hops raw material is supercritical CO2 hop extracted from a number of hop varieties. Hop oils are flash separated under high vacuum from the non-acidic resin. The whole hop oils are then separated into several key hop oil cuts using a highly efficient fractional distillation column. These high purity fractions are maintained under an […]