As a family owned business, we understand that work-life balance is essential to the health and success of our organization. In 2017, at the Kalamazoo headquarters, Kalsec opened an on-site early learning center which provides quality childcare and pre-school programming for employees raising families. The Farmhouse Early Learning Center is open to children ages six weeks to five years, where they enjoy individualized care, enriching learning experiences and rewarding social interactions.

The Farmhouse fosters values such as independence, creativity, positive choices, empathy and respect for others and our environment. Kalsec families enjoy the special opportunity of having their children or grandchildren nearby, where they can visit during breaks or enjoy a picnic lunch on the grounds.


Early Learning Center

Our Employees Matter

“Taking Sam to the Farmhouse was an easy decision. I have so much trust in Kalsec and know that the Todd family would only do something if it can be done well,” said Jill McKeague of Kalsec. “It gives me peace of mind to know that he

Kalsec employee and her son at the Farmhouse

is just one building away and is receiving stellar care from people who understand that I am a working mom. It made balancing adoption with work less of a huge deal because I know he is safe and enjoys going to the Farmhouse. Every morning he gets excited and starts smiling because he loves interacting with nature and all of the other kids at the Farmhouse, not just the other babies.”

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