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Kalsec continues to explore the ongoing global clean label trend 

In a world where consumers are increasingly mindful of what they put in their bodies, the concept of clean label ingredients continues to be a focal point in the food and beverage industry. Clean label is more than just a buzzword; it's a movement that reflects a desire for transparency, authenticity, and simplicity in the products we consume. But what do consumers truly think about clean label, and are they willing to pay a premium for it? Our latest consumer research delves into these questions and more, shedding light on the ever-evolving landscape of clean label preferences and their impact on consumer choices.

Consumer Perceptions of Clean Label

Kalsec's research examines consumer perceptions of clean label products and whether they are willing to pay a premium for them. Understanding whether clean label is worth the extra cost is vital for both producers and consumers alike.

3 out of 4 consumers state they actively look for food & beverage products with clean label ingredients.

Consumers are no longer content buying food and beverages with ingredients they don’t trust, and they don’t trust what they don’t understand. Our research examines how confident consumers are in identifying ingredients in general and, more specifically, in identifying clean ingredients. Consumers across many shopper categories have a heightened awareness into ingredients in the foods they are purchasing. 

More than 80% of sauces/dressings and condiment category users pay more attention to ingredient labels compared to a year ago.


What Clean Label Means to Consumers” sheds new light on the most sought-after ingredient claims, which food categories and types of additives shoppers regard as high priority, and the influence that health has on their purchasing preferences. 

Reformulate to Differentiate 

Reformulating products to meet clean label standards can be a complex undertaking, especially when attempting to maintain the same flavor, color, texture and shelf-life as synthetic ingredient counterparts.

With a longstanding reputation for supplying high-quality, clean ingredients, Kalsec has a team of application experts who have a deep understanding of how to seamlessly replace synthetic ingredients without compromising on taste, color, texture, or shelf life. This invaluable expertise and commitment to quality ensures that product reformulations not only meet clean label standards but also meet the high expectations of today's discerning consumers.

Read more about real challenges and the solutions Kalsec has provided in the report

As the food and beverage industry continues to adapt and innovate, understanding these consumer sentiments is vital. Clean label is no longer a trend; it's a significant factor influencing consumer choices and shaping the future of the food and beverage market.