Roasted alliums - onions, garlic, peppers

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Alliums: Culinary Building Blocks
Article by Chef Anna Cheely


A Foundation for Endless Opportunity
Article by Shane McDonald, PhD and Kathryn Thamann


Assuring Accuracy for Every Application
Article by Robin Boyle


Achieving Excellence with the Power of Extracts
Article by Cara Gu


The Power of Heat in Transforming the Flavor Profile of Alliums
Article by Chef Cory Barrett


Behind Every Great Dish
Article by Adrian Yee


Julie Heine
Julie Heine, President and Chief Commercial Officer

The word allium, Latin for garlic, is often associated with the ornamental flowering plants used to bring movement and color to home gardens with their large, often lavender, blooming bulb rising tall on a single stalk. But as much as alliums are known for beautifying our outdoor environments, they are synonymous with beauty in our kitchens when it comes to aroma and flavor. Wherever you are in the world, you’re likely to be quite familiar with the alliums that are cooking staples in savory food recipes. Beyond garlic, examples include onion, shallot, leeks, chives, and scallions.

I reflect often on a statement from Kalsec’s founder, Paul Todd Jr, “We hold mother nature in awesome respect,” and the world of alliums is another example where this holds true. As chefs, food scientists, and research chefs, we build on the raw allium form through various cooking techniques to make them even more uniquely flavorful.

The need for various delivery systems adds another dimension. The extract form typically brings the advantage of months or years of ambient or refrigerated temperature storage along with standardized aroma and flavor profiles batch after batch and year over year. It also provides a high level of confidence that the finished products will taste the same each and every time, bringing both high confidence and operational efficiencies to your brands.

Kalsec is uniquely positioned to assist you with the culinary allium needs in your recipes. We are the global leader in the supply of garlic and onion extracts to the food industry. Combine this leadership with our focus on savory foods, and the complimentary range of spice and herbs that we extract, and we are eager to work with you to meet your unique needs.

I hope you enjoy this edition of Crafting Taste!