In 2019, Kalsec conducted a global study that dug far and wide into how people felt about heat and spice, covering everything from the number of people eating spicy food to the types of exact pepper varietals they prefer. Since then, it became the unofficial guidebook for developing hot new ideas. If you missed it, you should definitely check it out here.

In 2021, we revisited our findings and ignited new research to see if anything changed. What we found is that while preferences for heat and spice have continued to gain traction, several new nuances signify big opportunities for food and beverage managers. Take a look at some of our key findings in the latest issue of Crafting Taste below.

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About the Author

portrait of Joey GwisdallaJoey Gwisdalla is a Market Research Specialist at Kalsec. His most current undertaking is immersing himself in the Food & Beverage Industry after previously working in research for Automation and Hospitality. He is currently working on completing his MS in Market Research at Michigan State University.

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