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Natural Hop Acids

Reach for our hop acids to capture just the right blend of bitterness in your next beverage.


Clean, Consistent Bitterness That Can Be Dialed In

Our distinctive hop acid products are built on decades of experience in analyzing and measuring hop acid concentration and understanding how bitterness differences are interpreted by the senses. With bitterness profiles ranging from light to intense and everything between, we have acid solutions that meet your exacting standards. If you are looking for more than bittering, our acids offer a host of other benefits, like foam stabilization and light stability.

  • For truly distinctive beers, we offer blends of our different hop extracts—sometimes customized for specific applications. Hop Acid Blends can achieve a balance of bitterness attributes, foam enhancement and light stability if desired. Our Hop Acid Blends are added post-fermentation.

Other Solutions Tab (Hop Acids)

Jan 3, 2023, 17:24 PM
Title : Other Solutions Tab (Hop Acids)
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