• A Review of Top Food Trends in 2018

    Which Food Trends Happened in 2018? Food and flavor trend predictions for 2019 are already taking over inboxes, but Kalsec is taking a moment to reflect on trends from 2018. At the beginning of 2018 we predicted five trends that we expected to see develop throughout the year. An educated prediction has much more value […]

  • Trend Brief: Limited-Time Offerings

    Get Them While They Are Hot: LTOs LTOs (limited-time offerings) are a popular source of revenue this time of year. Around the globe consumers are celebrating holidays that mean something to them, and will associate this celebration with new (or prominent) flavors each year. These articles highlight popular limited-time offerings that correspond with the holidays […]

  • September 2018 Trend Brief: Digital Media

    Digital Technology in the Food Industry Food is a highly visual industry. One of the quickest and most effective forms of sharing information and images across all generations has become social media. This form of digital advertising has given brands a more traceable outlet for persuasion. Advances in digital technology are making foods and recipes […]

  • August 2018 Trend Brief: Burgers

    How Do You Like Your Burger? Medium? Rare? Plant-based? The options are endless. With new technology for plant-based alternatives to meat, everyone – from vegetarians to flexitarians – is able to enjoy a burger with their favorite toppings. Burgers are becoming one of the most versatile menu options as opportunities for innovation continue to expand. […]

  • July 2018 Trend Brief: Fermented Foods

    Trends in Fermented Foods Fermentation has been used as a method of preservation for perishable foods for centuries. What comes to mind when you hear ‘fermented foods’? Probably your favorite flavor of yogurt, a generous side of kimchi or happy hour. But where would the food industry be without cheese, chocolate, and gochujang? As the […]

  • January 2018 Trend Brief: Ethnic Evolution

    Ethnic Evolution Food and flavor trends from last year revealed one major trend continuing to gain momentum: a preference for ethnic flavors and cuisines. Consumers want to expand their palates to specific, localized flavors. “African flavors” is now more specifically understood as ras el hanout gains popularity. What was once referred to in Western cultures […]

  • A Review: Top Food Trends for 2017

    2017 Trend Review Did plant-based proteins take center stage? We reviewed the top food trend predictions for 2017 and summarized the results into four common themes from the predictions that emerged over the course of the year. While more than four of the trends mentioned did evolve, we chose to elaborate on these main themes. […]

  • November 2017 Trend Brief: Chemistry of Spice

    The Chemistry Behind Flavors from Spice The addition of spices, herbs and botanicals for the purpose of flavor is a long-standing trend, and there is still more to learn about the chemistry behind it. This brief explores the chemistry and reasoning behind the addition of spices and flavors. These articles discuss “why spice?” and what […]