• August 2019 Trend Brief: Snacks

    A [Healthy] Snack Attack Snacking is not a new trend. However, the way that consumers snack is ever-changing. People are all about convenience while still wanting a clean label. They do not want to sacrifice nutrition or health benefits, but they want to be sustained at the right moment in the right place with the […]

  • White Paper: Ensuring Oxidative Stability in Meat

    Clean Label Solutions Consumers consider convenience when making purchase decisions, which enables processed meat products to be an important food category. In addition, these consumers want meat with a clean (and clear) label. They want the best meat options to support their lifestyle; whether that is a ready-to-eat product like beef jerky or a high-protein […]

  • Top Food Trend Predictions for 2019

    Flavor Trends That are Here to Stay What is the next kale? Are consumers done with sriracha? What is chocho? Do you ever find yourself anxiety baking? Kalsec compiled a list of top food trends from expert sources in the food industry. In doing this, we developed our own predictions for 2019. We encourage you […]

  • A Review of Top Food Trends in 2018

    Which Food Trends Happened in 2018? Food and flavor trend predictions for 2019 are already taking over inboxes, but Kalsec is taking a moment to reflect on trends from 2018. At the beginning of 2018 we predicted five trends that we expected to see develop throughout the year. An educated prediction has much more value […]

  • The Journey to a Flavor Revolution

    The Spice Route There are many versions of the spice route written in history, as there were several different routes based on location. One story states that the spice route originated in India and made its way through Arabia, North Africa, Egypt and western Europe.1 Trade in spices began in ancient times and was significant […]

  • Beer Flavors in Food are Trending

    A New Trend in Food Beer flavors in finished food applications are gaining traction in the industry. From 2016 to 2017, Innova Market Insights tracked an 8% increase in new product introductions for foods with beer style flavors. The main categories that are seeing growth include sauces, seasonings, meats and snacks. Since this is a […]

  • May 2018 Trend Brief: Snacks

    Snack Time When it comes to snacks, each consumer has their own interpretation of what that means. It could be a bar full of grains, a meat stick, or a doughnut – the options are endless. According to Innova Market Insights, one of the top 10 trends for 2018 is ‘from snacks to mini meals,’ […]

  • September 2017 Trend Brief: Baked Goods

    Trends That Hit the Sweet Spot The baked goods category is experiencing many changes recently due to consumer demand for clean label. From new product introductions to enhancement of pre-existing applications, there is a lot going on in the baked goods industry. Kalsec® put together a list of articles that address these baked goods trends […]

  • Simply Aquaresin™

    Cleaner Label Water Dispersible Oleoresins Consumers want increased transparency about the ingredients in their food and beverage products. In a recent online consumer survey conducted by Kalsec®, consumer acceptance of naturally sourced ingredients was four times higher than for synthetic ingredients or those with “chemical sounding” names. Many retail grocery chains and restaurants have developed […]

  • KalSmart™ Educational Series

    KalSmart Educational Series Kalsec® offers continuing education training sessions on-site and at customer locations through our KalSmart™ Educational Series. Look to Kalsec® for the latest trends, product innovations and applications expertise in making your products look better, taste better and last longer…naturally.™ Instructional Workshops* Dry Spice Replacement Dry spices can often be unpredictable in quality, consistency and […]