“I bet if you peek into any kitchen from Virginia to Vietnam, you will find one common ingredient: alliums. These versatile vegetables appear in many forms. Whether fresh or fried, sautéed or pickled, they are truly the powerhouse building blocks of global cuisine, including trending dishes like Thai green curry, Korean bulgogi and Singapore chili crab.

Although full of flavor, alliums do not always shout their prowess from the rooftops. Happy to play a support role, they often form the foundation of a dish, so other ingredients can shine. Take Chinese fried noodles, for instance. Imagine that chopped garlic and sliced onions were not used to fry the vegetables, mushrooms and other ingredients before the noodles were added. What would the dish taste like? Without a doubt it would be lacking the desired flavor dimension and feel flat to those consuming the dish.”

Crafting Taste Using Alliums

This excerpt from Adrian Yee, Marketing Director – Asia Pacific, is the beginning of his discussion of using alliums as the backbone for many common dishes around the globe. You can read more examples of using alliums in dishes, and Kalsec solutions, at the below link.

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About the Author

portrait of Adrian YeeAdrian Yee is the Marketing Director for Asia in Kalsec. In approaching his silver jubilee as a marketer, his main source of gratification is being ahead of trends and helping partners spot opportunities. Being naturally inquisitive, his interests are wide and he is always ‘on’ to engage in a conversation about possibilities.

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