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Protecting Your Brands & Products for Over 60 Years

Through our vertically and globally integrated supply chain, comprehensive quality control and rigorous safety standards we provide on time delivery and peace of mind in a constantly changing world. 


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“I like working with Kalsec over other suppliers of similar products. We receive the product twice as fast on most occasions.” 

 – Quality Control officer at a large food producer in the Americas

Through our Agricultural Assurance Program, we take rigorous steps to ensure our natural ingredients provide you with the confidence that your finished food and beverages are safe and compliant. 

Getting those ingredients from the field all way to the forks of consumers takes considerable organization and oversight. By employing cutting-edge management systems to track and route ingredients and products in real-time, we have the agility to respond to supply issues as they happen and can even detect factors that may lead to a bottleneck in the future and solve them before a problem arises.  And as a privately held firm, we make it our business to have extensive inventories of our wide array of products even during global supply chain disruptions.

Kalsec was awarded the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 2 certification under the Global Food Safety Initiative Edition 7.2. The certification is for food ingredient manufacturers that include spice extracts, color, flavors, antioxidants and hop products. SQF certification is achieved by demonstrating exceptional quality control and food safety practices.

Associations (Quality & Trust)

Feb 7, 2023, 11:17 AM
Title : Associations (Quality & Trust)
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