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Natural Zeaxanthin

ZeaGold® Natural Zeaxanthin is our all-natural highly bioavailable, 3 R, 3’R zeaxanthin for use in dietary supplements, functional foods & beverages.

Zeaxanthin Facts


  • Zeaxanthin is a yellow-orange carotenoid pigment found in fruits and vegetables such as peppers, corn and oranges. Zeaxanthin may be more important than lutein in protecting the ocular tissue from oxidative damage.

    • Zeaxanthin is the primary pigment found in the center of the macula.
    • The human macula preferentially accumulates zeaxanthin over lutein at a rate of 2.4 times more zeaxanthin than lutein.
    • Zeaxanthin is selectively deposited at the center of the macula where protection from oxidation is most critical.
    • Zeaxanthin is found in blood serum at a 1:4 ratio of zeaxanthin to lutein.

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