Our service and science create the synergy that results in our products’ outstanding performance.

With a primary focus on customer orientation, we have developed unique products and processes that meet the precise needs of our customers. Our integrated teams, comprising highly trained and experienced specialists, utilize the best of traditional and cutting-edge technology and science. As a company, we have an intense commitment to ongoing research, development and training, as well as maintaining a focus to stay not only on top, but a step ahead in all aspects of our industry.

The broad range of products and services Kalsec® now provides is an outgrowth of decades of experience in an industry that demands exacting attention, technical expertise and finished products that must meet stringent standards. Kalsec® nurtures a corporate culture dedicated to these demands, while still maintaining the principles, integrity and emphasis on exceptional service upon which our company was built over 50 years ago. Our brand commitment is unwavering in its adherence to these values. As a result, Kalsec® products, resources and capabilities are unparalleled in the industry.

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Applications Capabilities

The Kalsec® Application Centers include scientists focused on research and development, culinary, and applications spanning the globe from the United States to Europe and Asia. Together, we offer extensive experience throughout the food industry. This team is equipped to duplicate a wide range of processing techniques, including baking and confections, batters and breadings, soups, sauces, dressings and marinades, snacks, pickled products, meat and poultry, seasonings, and beverages. We are available for product matching and creative development and will work closely with you to ensure the precise formulation is delivered.

Analytical Capabilities

Our analytical chemists are responsible for the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of raw materials, ingredients and final products throughout each step of the development process. Using chemometrics, we are able to maximize the most advanced equipment and incomparable sensory skills to solve problems, refine and confirm the highest quality end result.

Sensory Capabilities

The sensory, flavor, culinary and delivery specialists at Kalsec® are unsurpassed in their field. We use a variety of methods to evoke, measure, analyze and interpret responses to products as perceived through each of the five senses. Working closely with panels specifically trained in the most efficacious testing techniques, this team conducts descriptive analysis, difference testing, degree of difference testing and intensity scaling. If required, consumer panels are also selected and engage in preference and acceptance testing, consumer tests, focus groups and product brainstorming.

Product and Process Development

Our new product and process development team focuses on long-term, discovery projects or product and process improvements. Discovery projects or product and process improvements are based on industry needs as determined by customer input, market trend analysis and Kalsec® knowledge and expertise. This team is charged with materializing ideas from discovery into a developed final ingredient, ideal for your product application. In addition, this team specializes in optimizing product properties and process efficacy, and continues to strive to develop “greener” chemistry practices. Kalsec® is committed to bringing innovation to you.