Kalsec® Craft Brew Research

Kalsec recently conducted an online survey into craft brewer flavor preferences. The survey revealed insight into flavors that brewers value the most, and which ones they would like to see become available for their beer.

Preferred Flavor Introductions

We asked craft brewers which flavors they are interested in for beer. The top three craft brew flavor recommendations were all fruity flavors: blood orange, passion fruit, and raspberry. The succeeding six flavors were all within a 10 percent margin of each other; including, chocolate, pumpkin spice, cherry, barrel aged, maple and heat and spice (from hot peppers).

This graph represents the top percentiles of the most requested flavor introductions for craft brew. These are the top flavors that our current brewer contacts would like to see introduced for their brews.

Craft Brew flavors graph

*Research conducted from Kalsec’s craft brewer database.

Kalsec Advanced Hop Extracts

Kalsec creates innovative flavors for beer by utilizing the latest flavor trends. Kalsec has a wide range of flavors for craft brew and continuously collaborates with brewers to enhance their flavor profile. If you would like to request a sample for your brew, please contact us.

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