Meeting Consumer Demand for Clean Label

The removal of synthetic antioxidants from food is driving the clean label trend, while there is a need to maintain oxidative stability. One way that food manufacturers have compensated for removal of synthetic additives is switching over to more stable oils, such as high oleic oils.

Oxidative Stability of Commodity OilsCompared to commodity oils, high oleic oils have increased protection against oxidation. Yet, this increased oil protection can come at the cost of raw material prices and potential label declaration changes.

Oxidative Stability of Oils

The use of natural antioxidants in commodity oils is an economical option to replacing the current oil with high oleic options, while maintaining or even increasing oxidative stability. Rosemary is the dominant herb antioxidant extract on the market, both in Europe and the United States.

This white paper investigates the capability of naturally sourced antioxidants, alone or in synergistic combination, as an alternative to high oleic oils or synthetic antioxidants. The result of this scientific evaluation demonstrated that Herbalox® and Duralox® solutions naturally increased the shelf life of commodity oils, exceeding high oleic oils and synthetic antioxidants in food protection and providing a more cost-effective and natural solution.

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