Clean Label Solutions

Consumers consider convenience when making purchase decisions, which enables processed meat products to be an important food category. In addition, these consumers want meat with a clean (and clear) label. They want the best meat options to support their lifestyle; whether that is a ready-to-eat product like beef jerky or a high-protein frozen meal.

The quality and shelf life of processed meat is important when influencing a consumer’s purchase decision. Color and oxidative stability are both critical to ensure both quality and consumer acceptability.

Proven Efficacy

This white paper addresses two case studies where Herbalox® Rosemary Extract and Duralox® Oxidation Management Systems show proven efficacy compared to synthetic antioxidants in various meat products and processing conditions. This creates an opportunity for clean label processed meats, while ensuring oxidative stability.

Learn more about ensuring oxidative and color stability in clean label meat products with Kalsec® here:

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