• The Journey to a Flavor Revolution

    The Spice Route There are many versions of the spice route written in history, as there were several different routes based on location. One story states that the spice route originated in India and made its way through Arabia, North Africa, Egypt and western Europe.1 Trade in spices began in ancient times and was significant […]

  • Beer Flavors in Food are Trending

    A New Trend in Food Beer flavors in finished food applications are gaining traction in the industry. From 2016 to 2017, Innova Market Insights tracked an 8% increase in new product introductions for foods with beer style flavors. The main categories that are seeing growth include sauces, seasonings, meats and snacks. Since this is a […]

  • White Paper: Oxidative Stability of Commodity Oils

    Meeting Consumer Demand for Clean Label The removal of synthetic antioxidants from food is driving the clean label trend, while there is a need to maintain oxidative stability. One way that food manufacturers have compensated for removal of synthetic additives is switching over to more stable oils, such as high oleic oils. Compared to commodity […]

  • The Impact of Natural Antioxidants

    The Basics of Antioxidants In an effort to provide our customers with the tools they need for making product formulation decisions, we put together a video series detailing the use of antioxidants. Meet one of our antioxidant experts, Poulson Joseph. Poulson will be explaining not only the purpose of antioxidants, but the difference between natural […]

  • Cost Optimization – Extend Shelf-Life and Reduce Waste

    Extend Shelf-Life and Reduce Waste: Omega-3 Oil Stabilization Omega-3’s are noted for their high concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA). As a result, these oils are extremely susceptible to oxidation, which results in free radicals, creating off flavors and odors thereby reducing shelf-life. In working with our R&D Oxidation Management team, Kalsec® can recommend a Duralox® […]

  • White Paper: Natural Antioxidants for Omega Rich Foods

    Omega Rich Foods Biggest Enemy – Lipid Oxidation Lipid oxidation is one of the leading causes of shelf-life failure in fat containing foods, generating off-flavors and off-aromas. The use of antioxidants constitutes a major oxidation defense strategy. However, synthetic antioxidants like BHA, BHT and TBHQ that have been routinely used in foods for a number […]