Neat Hop Oils

Kalsec® hops raw material is supercritical CO2 hop extracted from a number of hop varieties. Hop oils are flash separated under high vacuum from the non-acidic resin. The whole hop oils are then separated into several key hop oil cuts using a highly efficient fractional distillation column. These high purity fractions are maintained under an inert atmosphere and stored cold to preserve and protect them from oxidation and degradation.

Neat Hop Oils for Beverage and Food Applications

Kalsec® can provide neat hop oil cuts not only for brewers, but also for companies in the food industry. These oils include:

  • Myrcene Rich Fraction
  • Caryophylene Rich Fraction
  • Humulene Rich Fraction
  • Terpenes


Hop Oil Future Research and Development

Kalsec® hop oil technology is continuing to advance as new technology unfolds to provide even more naturally derived, highpurity hop oil fractions and improved delivery options, such as encapsulation.


The Kalsec® Brewing Advantage

Leveraging our expertise in the sensory and analytical fields, Kalsec® also produces unique combinations of fractionated hop oils and components. These provide hop aromas and flavors that perform as if they have undergone the impact of the brewing process, including fermentation. These refined hop oil and component systems have proven to be a valuable solution for brewers in product development.


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