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Heat is a complex sensation that combines flavor, intensity and timing for a complete taste and sensory experience. Kalsec was ahead of the consumer-driven popularity of hot and spicy packaged goods and is continually able to meet ever-evolving desires. From our vertically integrated capsicum crop and our naturally sourced pepper extracts to achieving the nuances profiles of global hot and spicy cuisines, Kalsec is a complete resource.


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As the leading global supplier of capsicum products to the food and beverage industry, Kalsec has a long history of providing high-quality capsicum extracts. We have two growing locations in the U.S. to ensure the supply for our customers in case of fire, crop failure, or inclement weather. This vertical integration assures you about the growing conditions and quality of our chili peppers. We use a natural selection process on our seeds and work with a select group of farmers to grow these peppers. Additionally, we can monitor the plants to ensure pesticides from our neighbor’s crops do not find their way into our extracts. We are then able to harvest in a way to not include those peppers in our processing.

Based on your requirements, we can provide you with capsicum products ranging in color and heat levels. Our ClearCap® Capsicum extract allows you to add heat without any color or flavor implications, making it ideal for use in applications such as pickles, beverages, and sauces.

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Trigger the palate at a precise location for a defined period of time

Heat is a complex sensation, and HeatSync Systems help you manage it by controlling various factors to achieve your unique specification. From timing and intensity, to pungency, perception and location, our unique combination of ingredients are crafted to deliver heat and sensory attributes targeted for a specific experience for your consumer—no matter how complex.

Add culinary dimension to heat expression

Powered by inspiration and creativity of our culinary team, Fusionary Heat allows you to take advantage of current and emerging flavor trends. A portion of today’s consumers gravitate to experiential flavor combinations such as spicy and herbal where others are more familiar with spicy and sweet. By fusing heat with other flavors derived from spices, herbs, and citrus you can deliver a memorable flavor and sensory experience.

Provide authentic pepper flavor experience with a defined origin

It should come as no surprise that consumers want to know what they are eating. Consumers continue to show a preference for more specificity in the pepper type that delivers heat and flavor in packaged products. Kalsec specialty peppers – including ancho, cayenne, chipotle, ghost, guajillo, green hatch, habanero, jalapeno, and serrano – allow manufacturers to cite a specific, natural source on their label to differentiate their products and better appeal to consumers.

Habanero: High heat, but with a balanced floral and fruity body which delivers sweet notes overall.Guajillo: One of the most common chilies in Mexican cuisine. Unique tangy fruit flavor combined with paprika-style earthiness and mild heat.Jalapeno: One of the most popular peppers in the U.S. Green and vegetal notes are followed by moderate heat.Cayenne: Sharply delivered heat with hay-like earthy notes.Serrano: Similar to the jalapeno with green flavor notes but increased heat level.Chipotle: Smoked version of the jalapeno. Smokiness is first and foremost.Ancho: Dried version of the poblano chili. Mild in heat with sweet raisin notes rounded out by smoky tobacco and chocolatey undertones.Ghost: One of the hottest commercially produced peppers. Fruity undertones that follow an intense heat.Green Hatch: This pepper is prized and very popular in Southwestern cuisine. Crips green notes with mild pungency.

Provide all of the pepper flavor, but none of the heat

Ancho, chipotle, habanero, and jalapeño peppers all impart consumer-preferred flavors. From the smokiness of the ancho and chipotle peppers to the fruity notes of the habanero and green vegetal notes of the jalapeno, each of these peppers encompasses a specific and desired flavor profile from today’s consumer. But what if you want to achieve those flavors without pungency? Or maybe you want to enhance the specific flavor of the pepper without increasing the heat level? Our Zero Degrees line delivers all of the flavor and aroma without the heat and can give you the opportunity to cite the pepper type on the front of your package.


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