Essential Oils

Essential oils are a complex mixture of volatile components responsible for the aromatic characteristics of the spice. Kalsec® sells a full line of spice and herb essential oils ranging from anise to cassia, to garlic, orange, and thyme.

Organic Extracts

Essential Oil Process

Essential oils offer the ability to add aroma and flavor to your products with clean-label options due to the processing methods.


Essential Oils Offered

Kalsec® is proud to offer a wide range of essential oils, including those listed here.

Essential Oils
Anise Cinnamon Fennel Orange Sage, Spanish
Basil Clove, Bud Garlic Originum Spearmint
Bay Clove, Leaf Lemon Parsley Tarragon
Black Pepper Clove, Stem Lime Peppermint Thyme
Carraway Coriander Marjoram Pimento Leaf
Cassia Cumin Nutmeg Rosemary
Celery Seed Dillweed Onion Sage, Dalmatian


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